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Brief introduction of Enshi Grand Canyon scenic area
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  Enshi Grand Canyon, a national AAAAA tourist attraction, is located at the junction of Hunan, Chongqing and Hubei provinces,It is the most beautiful section of Qingjiang River basin,Known as the world's most beautiful Grand Canyon,Ten thousand meters of cliff gallery, a thousand Zhangs of waterfalls Liufang, a hundred solitary peaks stand, ten miles deep valley,Magnificent and beautiful geological wonders of the world,It is on par with the Grand Canyon in the United States。In August 2004, the Sino-French joint expedition team came to Enshi, and unexpectedly found a breathtakingly beautiful Grand Canyon in the mountains, named "Enshi Grand Canyon"。It is one of the birthplaces of "Oriental Valentine's Day - Tujia Romantic Daughter Club",This is the location of China's most Grand Canyon live-action musical "Dragon Boat Diao",Here is the location of the "earth's most beautiful wound" - the cloud dragon Earth gap,It is home to one of the 40 most beautiful scenic spots in China named by foreign media as "One Incense stick",It is known as the "geological wonder of the world, the Eastern Colorado"!

  Enshi Grand Canyon, located in the mysterious "30 degrees north latitude", is one of the longest and most beautiful Grand Canyons in the world, 49 kilometers from Enshi City and 39 kilometers from Lichuan city。The scenic spot has been rated as a national AAAAA tourist attraction, a national geopark, and one of the top ten tourism business cards of Lingxiu Hubei Province。The mysterious and precipitous Enshi Grand Canyon has five wonders: [Qingjiang Rising white clouds], [Cliff ring peak cluster], [Overpass cave group], [underground river with waterfalls], [Tiankeng with ground cracks]。The canyon is all over cliffs, waterfalls, thousands of lonely peaks, spectacular cracks in the ground, primitive forests, rural terraces, welcome pines, a incense, lovers peak, cliffs promenade, the earth mountains and rivers, mother and child love, step by step for the scenery, beautiful。

  Enshi Grand Canyon has opened Seven star Village and Yunlong seam two core scenic spots, with a total area of 35.2 square kilometers, sinkholes, cracks, cliffs, mountain clusters, rock column groups, karst caves, hidden rivers and other geological landscapes are available, known as the "karst landform natural museum", with many world-class tourism resources。

  Yunlong seam is a "U" shape, vertically consistent up and down, with a total length of 3600 meters and an average depth of 75 meters, it is a unique karst landscape。

  The Yunlong Gap contains a large number of tourism resources, surrounded by cliffs, mountains and obstacles, and varied terrain;Gurgling water in the ground, waterfall falls, colorful yellow dragon waterfall, rainbow waterfall, cloud dragon waterfall, ice waterfall, Mu Fu waterfall are good places to view。

  The Grand Canyon has both cliffs and peaks, or the cliffs are sunken in the peaks, or the cliffs are on top of the peaks, and the world has not yet found similar wonders。

  Karst stone columns and forest in Enshi Grand Canyon are typical and unique special geomorphic systems, which have gradually become a new field in the study of karst geomorphology in the world, and it is of great scientific significance to analyze and study its distribution and morphological causes。

  The "treasure of the town valley" of the Grand Canyon is a incense stick, 150 meters high, with a diameter of 6 meters at the bottom of the column and a minimum diameter of only 4 meters, which is very rare among similar karst landforms and is a landmark landscape of the Enshi Grand Canyon。On October 17, 2009, CCTV-10 "Into Science" column reported the mystery of "Giant sky pillar" that does not last for thousands of years,2012 American explorer Dean.Porter set a record of 41 metres of unprotected rope walking next to a incense stick.In 2013, CNN named it one of the 40 most beautiful scenic spots in China.In 2014, "National Geographic" magazine officially launched the Enshi Grand Canyon landscape and scenery film。

  Enshi Grand Canyon scenic area has perfect supporting facilities,At present, it has built an ecological parking lot and visitor reception center that can park more than 3,500 tourist vehicles, the longest outdoor handrail sightseeing elevator in Asia, the canyon sightseeing ropeway with a drop of 792 meters, the Daughter Village Resort Hotel, and the theater of the Dragon Boat Dance, the most realistic landscape musical in China's Grand Canyon。

  Enshi Grand Canyon large-scale landscape drama "Dragon Boat Tune" with the Grand Canyon's cliff landscape as the stage background, the use of modern high-tech stage special effects technology, brilliant lighting, powerful music and magnificent cliff scenery each other, interprets a classic "heaven and earth Love Song daughter meeting, canyon's last song Dragon boat tune"。The play takes Enshi Tujia ethnic culture as the material, with "Dragon Boat Tune", one of the 25 most beautiful folk songs in the world named by UNESCO, running through it. It is the first real landscape performance in Hubei Province and the largest real landscape musical in China。Total project investment 2.600 million yuan, theater land 240 acres, the total construction area of 4.90,000 square meters, more than 500 cast members。

  "Meet the Grand Canyon.With the theme of the local "Daughter Club" culture, Mufu Daughter Village Resort Hotel is the first foreign-related tourism resort hotel built according to the four-star standard in the scenic spot。The hotel architecture is designed in combination with the natural landscape of the Grand Canyon, built on the mountain, and combines the styles of Tujia stilted houses, Qiang ethnic groups and Miao ethnic groups。Focus on building the folk customs of "Daughter Club" as the theme, forming a collection of reception, sightseeing, leisure, commercial characteristics, people's happy life as one of the characteristics of the local Miao folk customs and cultural tourism town。
  Due to the special geographical environment, Enshi Grand Canyon catering has both Shu spicy characteristics and Xiaoxiang salty and spicy style, quite Tujia and Miao characteristics of the flavor snacks is attracting a large number of visitors。The "Ge Ge" steamed from the chili press mixed with other main ingredients, the "He slag" of the mini hot pot, the spicy and sour preserved meat of the barbecue, the pressed Guangyang pepper, the Tujia slag baked cake, are all worth to taste。